Your State’s Most-Googled Quarantine Hobbies

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Interesting Findings

From knitting to binge-watching, what has your state been up to during lockdown?

All dressed up with nowhere to go. That seems to be the situation most people are in during COVID-19. With many people home from work or working from home (and occasionally wrangling their kids), many of us have turned to hobbies to pass the time. If social media platforms are any indication, a lot of people have used their time at home to improve both their minds and bodies. 

The team at Go.Frontier decided to make use of our free time by finding out each state’s most-Googled quarantine hobby. So whether that’s binging the latest TV series or mastering the newest game on Switch, find out what your state’s residents have been up to during quarantine. 

Interesting Findings

  • America’s #1 hobby proves that we love to be entertained. Streaming movies and TV series graced the red carpet as the nation’s favorite pastime. 
  • Since the start of February 2020, people have turned to the internet with chart-topping searches to learn how to make their own face masks and hand sanitizer. DIY face masks and hand sanitizers had more than 4,000 percent increase in search volume.  
  • Movies like Contagion (2011) and Outbreak (1995) made a comeback as some of the most-viewed films during quarantine. In fact, Contagion takes the spot as the most-Googled movie since March. 
  • The hottest console was also the most elusive. The Nintendo Switch came to the boredom-rescue of many stuck at home (kids and adults alike) to claim the top spot for the most Googled gaming-related question of where to buy the Switch after they quickly began to sell out. 
  • The country saw stripes with the release of Netflix’s most popular TV series since the pandemic began. Tiger King (2020) drew a crowd of 34 million US views within the first ten days of its release. Now we just need to know if Carole Baskin did it. (Spoiler, of course she did).


The Go.Frontier team tracked down the most-Googled hobbies since quarantine began. We then analyzed each hobby on Google Trends to find which ones had the biggest search volume. After narrowing it down to the top five Googled hobbies, we compared each one by state to determine which hobby came out on top.

ArizonaTV Series and Movies
ArkansasTV Series and Movies
CaliforniaTV Series and Movies
ColoradoTV Series and Movies
ConnecticutHome Workouts
DelawareHome Workouts
District of ColumbiaHome Workouts
FloridaTV Series and Movies
GeorgiaTV Series and Movies
IllinoisHome Workouts
KentuckyTV Series and Movies
MarylandHome Workouts
MassachusettsHome Workouts
MichiganTV Series and Movies
MinnesotaHome Workouts
NevadaTV Series and Movies
New HampshireHome Workouts
New JerseyTV Series and Movies
New MexicoTV Series and Movies
New YorkHome Workouts
North CarolinaHome Workouts
North DakotaGames
OklahomaTV Series and Movies
OregonTV Series and Movies
PennsylvaniaHome Workouts
Rhode IslandHome Workouts
South CarolinaGames
South DakotaGames
TennesseeTV Series and Movies
TexasTV Series and Movies
UtahTV Series and Movies
VirginiaHome Workouts
West VirginiaHome Workouts
WyomingTV Series and Movies

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