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per month for 12 mos. One-time charge applies. Max speeds are wired. Wi-Fi, actual & average speeds vary.

Frontier Internet in Elk Grove, California

  • No hidden monthly fees with Wi-Fi router included
  • No data caps or overage charges
  • Stream your favorite movies and TV shows, or play games online
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per month for 12 mos. One-time charge applies. Max speeds are wired. Wi-Fi, actual & average speeds vary. Terms & Conditions

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Get a broadband connection with network-ready speeds

Frontier Internet + Unlimited Digital Voice

99w/ Auto Pay

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Frontier Internet + Unlimited Digital Voice + DISH America's Top 120+

98w/ Auto Pay

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Frontier Internet + Unlimited Digital Voice + DISH America's Top 250

98w/ Auto Pay

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Get more value with Frontier

How to get Internet bundles in Elk Grove for less

A Internet bundle from Frontier offers Elk Grove residents the most for their money. In fact, bundling Internet access, TV, and home phone service with Frontier rewards you with a discount on all three services, and saves you more money over time. Along with all these great benefits, you’ll also enjoy a sense of security with Frontier, knowing that you’re connected to the most network-ready network in Elk Grove. It’s the only provider in Elk Grove that is able to install direct-to-home connections in each of the numerous homes in the city. A direct connection delivers dependable Internet speeds, TV, and phone signal 24/7, giving you the most value for your dollar—which is something cable can’t promise. Call now to check Frontier Internet availability and speeds in your neighborhood. Sign up for a Frontier Internet bundle in Elk Grove, California right now, and you can look forward to these great perks:


Whole-Home Connection


DISH TV in full HD, with hundreds of popular channels and a Hopper® Whole-Home DVR


24/7 Tech Support

Get a Frontier Internet Plan in Elk Grove

Bring your broadband connection up to high speeds

Frontier Internet
99w/ Auto Pay

Terms & Conditions

Get Internet in Elk Grove

Choose Frontier over cable.

With cutting-edge technology and equipment, Frontier Communications is the most dependable Internet provider in Elk Grove. Unlike with cable, which forces entire neighborhoods to access Internet services through shared cable boxes, your Elk Grove home will be independently wired to Frontier Internet service. Not only does that mean you’ll get the speed you’re paying for, but your connectivity won’t be affected by the number of neighbors surfing the web during peak times. Frontier Internet also beats out cable in affordability, since you don’t have to pay upfront costs or monthly equipment fees. That’s right: your service includes a Wireless Router free of extra charges for as long as you’re a Frontier customer. Internet access is available on any of the Frontier Internet plans, including the most popular package: Frontier Internet Max. Now is the time to discover the availability in your neighborhood. Frontier Internet in Elk Grove provides more than just inexpensive prices and dependable connections. You’ll also get these great features:


Whole-Home Connection


Internet access


Standalone Internet options, no phone line required


24/7 Tech Support


4 out of 5 stars | Based on 36 Reviews

CARLO C. Reviewed Frontier Bundles

Would be better if i can get higher speeds

PATRICK M. Reviewed Frontier Bundles

So far the tech support help has been good. The performance of the internet hardware and circuit is dismal.

LAURA H. Reviewed Frontier Bundles

So far this has been the worst experience trying to get internet installed. First I am told someone will come out to install my service and when I call to confirm I am told they will send out the modem for me to install. It has been 3+ weeks and I am still without internet. A technician issupposecto come out Wednesday so I 'll. See if I have internet then if frontier wasn't the only game in town I definitely wouldn't use them