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The Best Router and Modem for Your Frontier Internet

A quick guide to Internet modems and routers.

What you need to know about internet routers

Internet routers, often provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), act as a gateway to the Internet. Internet routers help manage and direct traffic between your home and the Internet, making it possible for devices like gaming consoles, iPads, and laptops to connect to the Internet.

Deciding on the best Internet router for your needs can be challenging. Generally, the Internet router provided by your ISP is sufficient. If you do more bandwidth-heavy activities, like streaming 4K movies or a lot of online gaming, or if you live in a household where there are numerous devices connected to the Internet at once, you may want to consider a more powerful Internet router to help manage bandwidth.

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Connect multiple devices to the internet with a wireless router

The term “wireless” sounds like a misnomer since there is a power cord and ethernet cables that connect routers and modems to the Internet. When it comes to wireless routers, however, “wireless” refers to how devices like laptops, smart home devices, and gaming consoles connect to the router, and then to the Internet.

A wireless router makes it possible for you to connect devices to the Internet without having to run ethernet cables all over your house. You can surf the Internet on your laptop from the couch to find the recipe you want, and move to the kitchen to start cooking without having to unplug or otherwise disconnect from the Internet.

Smart home devices, security systems, and pretty much any device you want to connect to the Internet can do so with wireless routers.

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What you get with a Frontier router

Frontier® Internet works with a variety of routers, like the Arris NVG443B and the Netgear D220D. The Frontier FiberOptic® Gateway Router Arris NVG468MQ comes already configured with Wi-Fi turned on. You can change the Frontier router password and configure its security features as necessary. If you don’t already have your own FiberOptic router, Frontier provides an integrated modem and router with Wi-Fi capabilities with all Internet plans (monthly fees may apply).

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How internet modems connect you to the internet

The modem is the device that connects to your ISP, which connects to the Internet. Before routers were built into Internet modems, you needed both devices to connect to the Internet. A desktop connected to the router, which connected to the Internet modem, which connected to your ISP and the Internet.

Today, when you get an Internet modem from your ISP, it usually includes a router. If you live in a Internet area, a Internet modem generally has a built-in router. If you live in a FiberOptic area, the FiberOptic modem generally includes a FiberOptic-compatible router.

You can also connect your own router to an Internet modem to better manage bandwidth. This can be important if you connect multiple devices to the Internet at once, or are heavy into online gaming and streaming.

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