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Get fast, network-ready Internet, Frontier TV, and Phone service with FiberOptic® from Frontier. Get just Internet, or sign up for a Double or Triple Play to get the benefits of FiberOptic for TV and phone. Simply click below to view what you want.

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Frontier Internet + Unlimited Digital Voice

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Frontier Internet + Unlimited Digital Voice + DISH America's Top 120+

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Get a FiberOptic bundle from Frontier

Would you like a faster, more network-ready Internet connection? Frontier is the only Internet provider in Patterson with a completely fiber-optic network. This network is powerful enough to deliver connection speeds as quick as 150 Mbps. People who live in Patterson’s numerous homes have access to dependable connections and unrivaled speeds through FiberOptic Internet bundles—and that’s just the beginning. Frontier also offers several exceptional packages that combine great service with great deals. And when you sign up for TV, FiberOptic Internet, and home phone service from Frontier Communications, you get a discount on each individual service. That means that you’ll not only get lots of entertainment options, a network-ready home phone, and the best Internet connection available, you’ll also save money. Call to find out more about Frontier FiberOptic Internet availability and the current deals in your area. Sign up right now and you’ll also get the following benefits as part of your FiberOptic bundle:


Internet speeds ranging from 30Mbps to 150Mbps


Frontier TV with crystal-clear HD, hundreds of channels, and thousands of free On Demand titles


Unlimited long distance and local phone options, ideal for everyday or emergency calls

Get a Frontier Internet Plan in Patterson

Bring your broadband connection up to high speeds

Frontier Internet
99w/ Auto Pay

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Get FiberOptic Internet in Patterson

It's fast, affordable, and network-ready

Patterson Internet providers have come a long way from the days of only offering fast download speeds while leaving out quick upload speed. If you game online, download files using the cloud, share media, or video chat with friends, the matching upload and download speed offered in Frontier FiberOptic packages will keep you working and playing quickly online. And the 0 residents who work at home will have the matching upload and download speed that is essential to do their job well. Plus, Frontier Communications, one of Patterson’s fastest, most consistent Internet providers, gives you your pick of speed tiers from 30Mbps to 150Mbps. Get even better FiberOptic prices on each service when you choose one of the available Internet bundles in Patterson, or get the low down on other possibilities available to you when you call today. Select Frontier FiberOptic service, and you’ll also get:


Network of 100% fiber optics, with a line straight to your home


Video chat, stream movies, play games—all at once


Standalone Internet options, no phone line required


24/7 Tech Support


4 out of 5 stars | Based on 8 Reviews

REBECCA L. Reviewed Frontier Bundles

Service technician was excellent.

CHRISTINA V. Reviewed Frontier Bundles

Absolutely Terrible???????? Called to activate new service... Representative was rude, arrogant, offensive, and disconnected the call. Waited for my scheduled appointment and technician never showed up!!! I went with a different provider even though it is more expensive instead of dealing with Frontier!!! I would give them zero stars if it was an option!!!

QUIONA A. Reviewed Frontier Bundles

The installation guy was great...

Frontier strives to make Patterson a better place.

Frontier Communications works tirelessly to be locally engaged in the communities it serves, such as Patterson, CA. This dedication ranges from investing millions in 2012 in order to expand Internet availability across the state, to employing thousands of Californians.

FiberOptic Internet in Patterson is also playing an important role in education. With 5414 students per librarian and a pupil-to-teacher ratio of 20.60:1 in Patterson public schools, children need more resources than are available to them through individual educators.

Frontier Internet in Patterson helps connect schools and homes across The Golden State so that children have more resources for learning wherever they are. Through safe, wireless devices and access to Frontier FiberOptic Internet speeds, children in Patterson have more educational opportunities than ever before.