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Born out of the California Gold Rush of the late 1800s, Sacramento, California has transformed itself into an epicenter of healthcare research and innovation, and a state capital committed to open data initiatives. Internet providers in Sacramento that offer Internet services make it possible for residents to access the healthcare they need—while paying bills online—and keep tabs on the progress of their city and their neighborhood.

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Internet providers in Sacramento like Frontier® offer not only Internet, but TV and phone services so you are always connected to who you want, when you want. DISH TV® gives you access to more movies, news, and sports—and a Frontier Home Phone keeps you connected even when the power is out.

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From California Gold Rush Town to Internet City

You probably remember Sacramento, California from grade school when you had to memorize state capitals. If you delved deeper, you learned that Sacramento was a major distribution point during the California Gold Rush in the late 1800s. Today, its economy is driven by healthcare and healthcare technology.

The University of California, Davis Medical Center anchors Sacramento’s healthcare industry. While a major research institution in areas like cancer, health policy, neuroscience, and infectious diseases, it also holds the distinction of being the only level 1 trauma center in inland Northern California that can treat both children and adults. In other words, whatever the injury, UC Davis Medical Center is equipped to not only treat the injury, but also help with prevention and rehabilitation. It’s also a leader in the use of electronic health records and telehealth, which leverages technology to help deliver direct clinical care to patients in rural communities, or who otherwise aren’t able to travel to the UC Davis Medical Center.

UC Davis also lets patients log into a patient portal to access test results, request refills, manage appointments, and communicate with their care team. Doing so requires a fast Internet connection. And when it comes to healthcare, Internet providers in Sacramento like Frontier know they must provide Internet access that is also network-ready.

That Internet connection from Frontier also comes in handy when browsing through Sacramento’s open data records, its budget, as well as filing police reports, registering your bicycle, even paying bills and parking tickets.

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SIVASHNI K. Reviewed Frontier Bundles

Tech was very organized, knew his job I didn't have to spend alot of time waiting for him to get done. Fast and efficient.

CYNTHIA K. Reviewed Frontier Bundles

After waiting for over a week to have Internet and phone service set up and waiting all day the day of the appointment, I still don't have the equipment for Internet. I waited 45 minutes on the phone for customer service to help, but they couldn't help me. No information on when the equipment would be here! No way of tracking it either! I am going out of town and don't want the equipment just sitting on my doorstep. The only thing that the customer service representative could say was maybe I should go to the local UPS store to see if they would hold my package. I asked for someone to come to the house to drop off and set up the internet (which is what I was told would happen in the first place). She told me that couldn't happen. Very disappointed in Frontier's lack of customer support!!!

GEMI R. Reviewed Frontier Bundles

The hoops you have to go through to get a reliable answer is mind boggling, from no show appointments to reps not knowing the area in which you live being told service that's available to you when it's really not, don't know how a rep in Florida can help me in CA