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per month. One-time charge applies. Max speeds are wired. Wi-Fi, actual & average speeds vary.

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Frontier Communications offers great value for home services.
  • No hidden monthly fees with Wi-Fi router included
  • No data caps or overage charges
  • Check email, bank online, scroll through social media
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Call to order 1-866-581-2047

Agents available for the next 88:88:88

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When popular theme park Indiana Beach coined the phrase, “there’s more than corn in Indiana,” it was, of course, referring to itself. But most Hoosiers will agree that the phrase also refers to the great things about this state. From its world-famous limestone and universities such as Notre-Dame to the number of athletes churned out and hard-working people it creates. As such, Hoosiers expect their internet bundles to work just as hard. There’s where Frontier FiberOptic comes in. Offering services such as 100% fiber-optic internet so you can always be connected to Frontier Secure—where everything from devices to identity is protected. Indiana is the crossroads of America, make sure you’re ready for the journey with Frontier.

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FiberOptic® from Frontier Internet with max download speeds as fast as 940 Mbps (actual speeds may vary) and a 100% fiber-optic network to the home

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Frontier home phone, with Unlimited Nationwide Calling*

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Frontier Secure to help protect your documents, devices, and identity

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Frontier FiberOptic Internet bundles with great value and one-bill convenience

Frontier Internet: When it Comes to Network Readiness, No Exceptions

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$100 Visa Reward Card*

FiberOptic 500/500 Mbps Internet
99w /Auto Pay

Terms & Conditions

  • FREE activation, plus Wi-Fi router included
  • No data caps or overage charges
  • Power multiple users/devices for streaming, gaming and sharing large files

$200 Visa Reward Card*

FiberOptic Gig Service
99w/ Auto Pay

Terms & Conditions

  • FREE activation, plus Wi-Fi router included
  • No data caps or overage charges
  • Keep all your connected devices powered up to the max with loads of bandwidth

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Larry K Exeter, PA
Larry Reviewed Frontier Bundles

it took a week...... and talking to half a dozen customer service reps to find out you no longer offer service in my area.....there was even a scheduled install date, and no one at your company knew. your "check if service is available" screen on your website is outdated and needs a tune up, you wasted alot of my time. it makes me wonder what kind of service I would have had with frontier anyway....i was left with a bad first impression.

0 people found this review helpful.
Edward E Tampa, FL
Edward Reviewed Frontier Bundles

I recently bundled all my service with Frontier, some early hick ups with installation etc but all seems to be going well

0 people found this review helpful.
Tim R Wisc Dells, WI
Tim Reviewed Frontier Bundles

The person who signed me up, Ryan, was very helpful and patient.

0 people found this review helpful.
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