When to Outsource


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Many new companies and small-business owners struggle to keep overhead low while still tackling the essential tasks they need to perform in order to be successful. Outsourcing certain jobs can increase productivity and reduce overhead by allowing you to free up resources to complete other, more crucial tasks without sacrificing any necessities. But when you’re busy running your own small business, knowing which roles and tasks to outsource can be difficult to figure out.

If you are considering outsourcing some aspects of your business, ask yourself these four simple questions first.

1. Is the task directly related to your services?

If the answer is no: Outsource!

If a task does not fall within your company’s specific wheelhouse or list of services performed, and if it’s not making you money, then it may not be worth your time or resources. However, make sure you do not outsource employee management or jobs that are directly related to your company’s service or product: if your business is in the technology field, don’t outsource your own IT, and if you focus on design services, don’t outsource the design of your own collateral.



2. Is the task redundant, repetitive, or time consuming?

If the answer is yes: Outsource!

Most companies rely on daily tasks that are redundant or time consuming, like data entry or administrative support, that can easily be outsourced. This can help your company free up assets for tasks central to your company’s success and avoid burning out your employees — or yourself — with redundant and trying work.



3. Is the work something someone else can do better?

If the answer is yes: Outsource!

Let employees do what they do best and leave other tasks to outsourced labor. Often, specialized tasks like social media marketing, payroll, or maintaining managed Wi-Fi accounts are better handled by outsourced labor. Wi-Fi, for example, is a crucial tool for most companies, but managing and monitoring your network to keep things running smoothly and securely can be time- and resource-consuming. Don’t risk your security and profitability by shuffling the task onto an untrained and overworked employee whose specialty lies elsewhere.



4. Will it need to be done again?

If the answer is no: Outsource!

One-off tasks, such as preparing a presentation or a once-a-year marketing campaign, are often better outsourced. Don’t waste time and money buying and using expensive equipment when it can be outsourced for a better, faster, and less-expensive result.


At the end of the day, the best way to assess whether or not a task should be outsourced is to weigh the cost against the benefit. If your company can benefit from someone else’s tools or labor, outsource it. Look for pain points with employees, or for tasks that may be absorbing lots of company time without offering many benefits. Utilize external resources so you can focus on what you do best — and become more profitable as a result.

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