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Bill Section - Account Summary

Account Summary

The Account Summary is the start of your Frontier bill, and tells you the most pertinent information, like your due date and amount due.
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Bill Section - Payment Stub

Payment Stub

The Payment Stub is the second part of your bill, found at the bottom of the first page. This portion can be detached if you are paying your bill by mail.
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Bill Section - General Billing

General Billing Info

Page 2 contains important information about payment options, late payments and returned checks, as well as notes about our Terms of Service.
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Bill Section - Monthly Service Charges

Monthly Service Charges

The Monthly Service Charges section is the start of the third page of your bill, and lists your Frontier services.
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Bill Section - Other Service Charges

Other Service Charges

The Other Service Charges and Credits section is the middle half of the third page of your bill, and will list Partial Month Charges if it’s your first bill.
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Bill Section - Tax and Other Charges

Taxes and Other Charges

The Taxes and Other Charges section rounds out the third page of your bill, and shows you the total amount of taxes charged for services.
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Bill Section - Important Comsumer Info

Important Customer Info

The Important Customer Information section is found in the right-hand column on the last page of your bill, and often contains information that may impact your bill.
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Bill Section - Phone Charges Details

Phone Charges Details

Frontier offers both digital and VoIP phone service, and details of your calls for the billing period are found here, on the last page of your bill.
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