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Transform Your TV Watching Experience with the DISH Hopper 3

Switch Between DISH and Netflix with the Push of a Button

Local channels. Movie channels. Sports channels. And streaming services like Netflix®, so it can be a challenge to decide what to watch! But it all comes down to convenience, right? It’s more convenient to turn on the TV and channel surf than it is to turn on the TV, turn on a gaming console, change the TV input, navigate to Netflix, open it, and then start browsing.

Unless you have a DISH® Hopper® 3.

The DISH Hopper 3 allows you to turn on your TV and channel surf to streaming apps like Netflix. In fact, you can access Netflix on the DISH Hopper with the push of a button!

So if you have a Netflix subscription and the DISH Hopper 3, you can sit back, relax, and seamlessly switch between your DISH channels and Netflix with the push of a button.

Control Your TV with Just Your Voice

Fun fact: you don’t have to press channel buttons to change the channel anymore! Instead, you can control the Hopper 3 with your voice by speaking into the Hopper remote. Want to see sports highlights? Tell the Hopper remote what highlights you want to see. Want to watch a specific TV show? Tell the Hopper remote what TV show you want to watch.

Oh, but it gets better. Have an Amazon® Echo®? DISH with Amazon Alexa lets you control your Hopper without ever touching your remote. You can use your voice to search shows and movies faster than ever, change the channel, pause and resume live TV, and even control your channel guide and record shows and movies.

In case that’s not enough, the Hopper 3 has AutoHop functionality, allowing you to instantly skip commercials for select primetime recordings. In other words, you can watch some primetime recordings from start to finish, with no interuptions.

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Watch TV Your Way with the DISH Hopper 3

The Hopper is packed with technology that gives you features like voice control, AutoHop, and the ability to watch 4 HD programs at once. The DISH Hopper 3 has DVR capabilities that let you record 16 TV shows at the same time. Its 2 terabytes of storage, or the ability to store 2,000 hours of TV, and support for up to seven TVs, means you can catch up on all your shows whether you’re in the den, the family room, or the kitchen.

You don’t need a Hopper 3 in every room, however. The Super Joey™ acts like a receiver, and connects to the Hopper 3, giving you access to all of your DISH content in any room you have a Joey. The Wireless Joey does the same, but without the need to drill holes and run wires through your home. You can even have outdoor movie nights with the Wireless Joey.

Ready to Upgrade Your Hopper to Get the Most out of Your DISH TV?

Perhaps you have a Solo DVR 512 with only 120 GB of storage, or maybe you have the DuoDVR VIP 722k, with recording support for up to two TVs and 500 GB of storage space, but only for 55 hours of HD programming. Perhaps you’ve been thinking of upgrading to a Hopper and enjoying HD FREE for Life. Or maybe you want to upgrade your channel package to get more sports, movies, or premium channels.

Whatever the reason, call us and we’ll get you set up.

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