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for 12 mos. Actual speeds may vary. DVR service fee, Broadcast fee, taxes, govt. surcharges and one-time charges apply. Service subject to availability and all applicable terms and conditions.

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Frontier TV Packages

  • Max speeds as fast as 50 Mbps download/upload
  • No data caps or overage charges
  • Stream/download videos and share files and photos
  • Local TV with access to local broadcast channels
  • Terms & Conditions


for 12 mos. Actual speeds may vary. DVR service fee, Broadcast fee, taxes, govt. surcharges and one-time charges apply. Service subject to availability and all applicable terms and conditions.

**Call for Availability**
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Popular Frontier TV Plans

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FiberOptic 50 Mbps Internet + DISH America's Top 120

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FiberOptic 500 Mbps Internet + DISH America's Top 120+

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FiberOptic 500 Mbps Internet + Voice + DISH America's Top 200

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Frontier TV Channels Available from Frontier

Frontier TV has channels for everyone

With Frontier TV, you can get custom TV options that cater to your tastes. Maybe your TV package isn’t a package unless it has your sports needs covered. Frontier® gives you access to amazing networks like ESPN, the PAC-12 Network, and other sports channels. Maybe you need access to a variety of on-demand videos, like Frontier On Demand movies, and SHOWTIME® shows. Whatever your tastes, you can be sure that Frontier TV plans include the channels and networks you consider necessities. You won’t miss out with Frontier Communications.

Sports Entertainment

Included Channels:

Lifestyle & Reality TV

Included Channels:

Discovery Family, Hallmark Movie Channel, GSN
On-Demand Movies

Included Channels:

Showtime logo

Discover the FrontierTV App*

Access Frontier TV On Demand or LIVE TV with your Frontier subscription.

With the FrontierTV App, you can access live digital TV programming, check your local TV listings, and manage your DVR from anywhere on-the-go. As a Frontier customer, you'll also get access to On Demand movies and shows.

Simply use your Frontier ID to sign in and download the app for FREE. You can stream the FrontierTV App from your smart devices and enjoy Frontier programming from your tablet, phone, or computer laptop.

At the office

Working late? You don’t have to miss your show. Just sign in, sit back, and enjoy your TV break.

In waiting rooms

Doctor behind schedule? The FrontierTV App saves you from boredom.

In the mall

Waiting for a slow poke in the dressing room? You’ve got time for an episode of your favorite sitcom on your favorite TV channel.

At the coffee shop

You can now lounge in public. Grab a soft chair, sip your coffee, and watch whatever channels you want.

In your pajamas

When you just can’t make it to the living room, the FrontierTV App is there for you.

Get FREE access to the FrontierTV App when you order Frontier TV

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The Frontier TV Difference

When it’s Frontier TV vs. Cable TV, FiberOptic wins every time
  • What is FiberOptic?
  • Why does speed matter for TV?
  • Is Frontier TV expensive?
  • Is Frontier TV available in my area?

FiberOptic= Fiber-Optic Service

Most cable and other TV providers install lines to your home using copper wire; carriers like Frontier FiberOptic install fiber-optic lines instead so you get a fiber-optic network. Fiber optics are long, conductive threads made of spun glass, and they send information in pulses of light—which easily outpace cable’s fastest copper speeds.

When you get Frontier TV services, you don’t just get faster speeds, but also a more network-ready connection. That’s because Frontier’s fiber network is extended directly to your home, not a cable node, so your TV signal is not shared with other users in your area.

Frontier TV from Frontier beats cable for speed and network readiness every time. Get Frontier TV today.

Frontier TV connections come at different speeds, or Mbps, just like FiberOptic Internet services does, and your speeds makes or breaks your picture and sound quality. If you have cable TV and the neighbors are hogging your shared Mbps, there will be packets of data that won’t arrive to your TV on time, ruining beautiful shots and making you miss punch lines left and right. With Frontier TV, the image and sound quality of your TV is dependable—because your Mbps remain consistent, and your bandwidth is yours alone.

Frontier TV costs more per month than traditional cable TV since fiber is more expensive to install than copper. But that doesn’t mean Frontier TV is expensive. In fact, Frontier usually charges less per channel—not more—than cable TV providers charges.

With Frontier, it’s easy to find Frontier TV options within your price range that give you the channels you want. To save more, you can bundle your Frontier TV with internet service or make it a triple play package with internet and phone. Get Frontier TV today to start enjoying the best TV services you’ve ever had.

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Add a Frontier DVR to Your Frontier TV Plan

Get more control, more storage, and more choices
  • Get more than 300 hours of HD storage
  • Control Live TV on up to 10 TV sets
  • Record up to 12 hours of shows simultaneously
  • Receive up to 2TB of storage
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Frontier TV Service Installation

Getting your Frontier TV service installed is simple—and always free

Installation Van

1. Schedule

Your agent will set up an installation date and time with you. For most addresses and Frontier FiberOptic products, installation happens in 5-7 business days after the day you ordered.

2. Sit Tight

About a week later, Frontier tech agents will arrive and connect your home to the FiberOptic network—for free.

3. Enjoy

The second the agent leaves, Frontier TV is all yours.

Call to get Frontier TV and schedule your installation today!