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What is FiberOptic?®

Frontier FiberOptic is a type of fiber-optic internet connection that uses tiny strands of glass to deliver information in data packets at near-light speeds. These strands provide you with a high-bandwidth connection that can support multiple users at once. Bring a speedy connection to your home with FiberOptic® Internet by Frontier®.

What is FiberOptic Internet?

FiberOptic Internet brings 100% fiber-optic technology to your home for the optimal user experience. With rock-solid connectivity delivering stunning speed, your fiber-optic connection makes it a breeze to have more fun online, stream movies in 4K, gaming online and so much more.

And the best part? A fiber-optic network to the home means you’re getting a connection capable of delivering lots of data at incredible speeds in both directions (downloads and uploads) for a premium experience without compromise. Once you’ve picked your perfect plan to get FiberOptic Internet, Frontier will provide the necessary equipment to connect you to your new fiber-optic network.

What is Frontier TV?*

Want a crystal-clear picture with high-def? What if that included more than 400 channels to choose from? With Frontier TV, not only will your entertainment get a pixel makeover, but it’ll get a selection upgrade as well. Frontier TV brings you the technology and the speed from a fiber-optic connection ensuring a crystal-clear picture, coupled with FiberOptic Internet bandwidth to support your streaming in high definition.

And now you can choose the hottest titles On Demand along with a Whole-Home HD DVR so you’ll never have to choose between shows again. Harness the power of speed with the pleasure of entertainment today and see the difference.

How is FiberOptic Different?

Unlike other telecommunication technologies, FiberOptic by Frontier provides a 100% fiber-optic network connection to your home. Its technical design is well suited to guard against environmental factors such as nearby electrical signals and interference, temperature spikes, and moisture. This advanced system offers high bandwidth capacity to deliver fast download and upload speeds for streaming, posting, multi-player gaming, video chatting, and other applications that constantly send data back and forth to servers and other network-connected devices. Frontier truly allows you to harness the power of fiber-optic performance.

Frontier FiberOptic: Enough Bandwidth to go Around

FiberOptic Internet powers your home with fiber-optic speeds that’ll keep the entire family connected. There’s plenty of bandwidth to go around for things like gaming, streaming, and browsing. Frontier FiberOptic offers a wide range of packages, including FiberOptic Internet plans and Frontier TV* plans. Keep your family online and entertained with the speed of fiber-optic technology today.

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