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Stay Entertained with FiOS TV Anywhere You Go

Watch TV on your phone with the FrontierTV App

With the FrontierTV app, you can watch TV anywhere, including live programming. You can check your TV listings, manage your DVR settings, and watch the latest On Demand movies and shows.

All you need is your Frontier ID and an Internet connection to enjoy the best in entertainment. The FrontierTV app allows you to watch the FiOS programs that you love and to enjoy TV‐on‐the‐go.

You can stream to various smart devices like your smartphone or tablet. And when you use Frontier TV on the web, you can watch your favorite shows on your computer, PC or laptop.

Use your FrontierTV App to Access the Channels 
That You Love

Use your FREE mobile FrontierTV App included in your Frontier service

This amazing TV online streaming service is FREE and included with your monthly Frontier subscription cost. Simply go to the App store or Google Play and download the app on your mobile device or computer with no setup charge or extra fees. Use it as much as you’d like, and indulge in quality TV online from the office break room. While most Frontier channels will be available through the FrontierTV, some channels may only be accessed by visiting the network app or website and logging in with your Frontier ID.

Your Favorite Channels on the Go

Now you can take your FrontierTV app experience on-the-go! FrontierTV app is available to Frontier subscribers of FiOS® TV and Vantage TV, letting them catch the big plays on the Pac-12 Network and the Big Ten Network wherever you are. The availability of the channels you can access depends on your Frontier package and the content each programmer makes available. There may be certain channels which are not available in all areas.

Food Network USA
Comedy Central Watch ESPN DIY Network
A & E Fox Sports Showtime

FREE FiOS TV Streaming with Ultimate Network Readiness

Get your streaming service included with FiOS from Frontier

While streaming has its perks, there are some things that television on-the-go can’t do. Life’s greatest moments are better watched live, like your favorite sports team’s victory at the very moment it happens, crucial up-to-date news in real time, or watching the latest political debate.

Why pay extra for a streaming service when you can already watch all of your FiOS programming on all your devices at no extra charge?

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Why TV is Better with a Fiber-Optic Network

Fiber-optic networks are composed of millions of tiny strands of glass that can transmit data packets almost at the speed of light. Because FiOS is 100% fiber to your door, it’s less susceptible to noise and static. And, unlike satellite and cable, your FiOS picture is less likely to be interrupted by bad weather.

FiOS TV by Frontier gives you a sharper image, brighter colors, and better overall picture quality. And with the FiOS TV app, you can stream nearly 100 of your favorite channels while outside your home.