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Don’t get locked into an Internet contract

With most home Internet companies, when you sign up for service, you sign an Internet service contract for a specified period of time, or pay a hefty fine to cancel early. Sometimes the contracts come with a promotion, like a premium channel for free for three months. However, if you don’t contact the Internet provider at the end of the promotional period, you are billed for the service at full price, making your previously reasonable contract more expensive.

If a new Internet provider moves into the area, or if you are moving to an area serviced by another provider, being locked into a one or two-year contract makes switching expensive. Not only do you have to pay a hefty termination fee on your existing Internet contract, but you also need to sign another one or two-year agreement with the new Internet provider.

To remain competitive, some Internet providers have borrowed a page from cell phone carriers and started offering Internet without annual contracts.

With no annual contract Internet plans, you aren’t locked into a one or two-year agreement, so if a new provider enters the area and offers something you want, you can switch without paying a hefty cancellation fee. No annual contract plans also do away with promotional pricing, so there is no increase in price when a promotional period ends.

Another perk of Internet without annual contracts? You can cancel without having to pay an early termination fee! Whether you move, go on safari, become a nomad, or want to try living off the grid, no annual contract plans make it easy to cancel your service at any time without having to pay a ridiculous cancellation fee.

Internet Bundles with No- Contract Obligations

No annual contract plans from Frontier®, whether for FiberOptic or Internet, aren’t limited to Internet. Just as bundling services, like Internet and TV or Internet and Phone, saves you money, no annual contract plans for bundled services does the same. Frontier offers a variety of bundled services for both Internet without annual contracts and FiberOptic Internet with no agreement, giving you the benefits of no-contract plans and the savings that come from bundling services.

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Get More With Internet Without Contracts from Frontier

No annual contract Internet plans are just one of the benefits of becoming a Frontier customer. When you sign up for service with Frontier, whether it’s Internet, phone, TV, or a bundle, you may also qualify for a free Wi-Fi router, free installation or other perks. If you live in a FiberOptic area, Frontier offers symmetrical upload and download speeds for better online gaming and streaming.