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Interesting Findings

The world is showing the love for HER in SUPERHEROES

For a long time, we lived in a world that consisted of the might of Superman, the bravery of Batman, and the genius of Iron Man. But in recent years we’ve begun to see some new faces on the silver screen. Wonder Woman inspired us with her rope of truth, Supergirl blazed into our lives straight from Krypton, and characters such as X-Men’s Storm lit up the sky—and our imagination. 

Taking the world over in a mighty way, these super ladies have not only won the hearts of the American people but fans worldwide. People everywhere were stirred as Diana Prince climbed the barricade and ran headfirst into bullets and battle, and cheered when Captain Marvel took out the Kree and sent them fleeing from Earth. 

As a sequel to the smash hit Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman 1984 will soon hit the big screen. Not far behind we’ll see the origin story behind where assassin extraordinaire Black Widow comes from.

So which heroic woman has won the hearts of citizens in which country? The team at Go.Frontier decided to find out how much love has spread internationally for these ladies who pack a real punch. 

Interesting Findings:

  • The top three defenders are Captain Marvel with the biggest fanbase in Thailand, Storm with her number one fans in Norway, and Supergirl with fans hailing from Brazil. 
  • Captain Marvel came out on top as the number one favorite female superhero in eighty-three countries.
  • Harley Quinn placed number one in twelve Spanish-speaking countries, including Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, and Paraguay.
  • Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot, was the second-most popular female superhero in Israel (the actresses’ native country) and around the world with only Captain Marvel beating her out of the top spot. 
  • Wonder Woman lassoed the hearts of three countries around the world, with Hungary leading the way. 
  • Norwegians have proved they’re not afraid of a little inclement weather. Norway was the only country to vote for X-Men’s Storm and also awarded her the honor of being their favorite female superhero.


Go.Frontier looked at each country’s population, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and paid time off to determine the top 100 countries to analyze. From there, we used the twenty-six female superheroes with recently released movies (thirteen from Marvel and thirteen from DC) to determine each country’s most-popular movie.

CountryFemale Superhero
AfghanistanCaptain Marvel
AlbaniaCaptain Marvel
Antigua and BarbudaCaptain Marvel
ArgentinaHarley Quinn
ArmeniaCaptain Marvel
AustraliaCaptain Marvel
AustriaCaptain Marvel
BangladeshCaptain Marvel
BelarusCaptain Marvel
BelgiumCaptain Marvel
BelizeCaptain Marvel
BoliviaHarley Quinn
Bosnia and HerzergovCaptain Marvel
BotswanaCaptain Marvel
BulgariaCaptain Marvel
CambodiaCaptain Marvel
CanadaCaptain Marvel
ChileHarley Quinn
ColombiaHarley Quinn
Costa RicaHarley Quinn
CroatiaCaptain Marvel
CyprusCaptain Marvel
DenamrkCaptain Marvel
Dominican RepublicCaptain Marvel
EcuadorHarley Quinn
EstoniaCaptain Marvel
EthiopiaCaptain Marvel
FijiCaptain Marvel
FinlandCaptain Marvel
FranceCaptain Marvel
GabonCaptain Marvel
GeorgiaCaptain Marvel
GermanyCaptain Marvel
GhanaCaptain Marvel
GreeceCaptain Marvel
GuatemalaHarley Quinn
HaitiCaptain Marvel
HondurasCaptain Marvel
HungaryWonder Woman
IcelandCaptain Marvel
IndiaCaptain Marvel
IndonesiaCaptain Marvel
IrelandCaptain Marvel
IsraelCaptain Marvel
ItalyCaptain Marvel
JapanCaptain Marvel
JordanCaptain Marvel
KazakhstanCaptain Marvel
KenyaCaptain Marvel
LatviaCaptain Marvel
LebanonCaptain Marvel
LithuaniaCaptain Marvel
LuxemburgCaptain Marvel
MadagascarCaptain Marvel
MalasyaCaptain Marvel
MexicoHarley Quinn
MoroccoCaptain Marvel
MozambiqueCaptain Marvel
NepalCaptain Marvel
NetherlandsCaptain Marvel
New ZelandCaptain Marvel
NigerWonder Woman
NigeriaCaptain Marvel
OmanCaptain Marvel
PakistanCaptain Marvel
PanamaHarley Quinn
ParaguayHarley Quinn
PeruHarley Quinn
PhilippinesCaptain Marvel
PolandCaptain Marvel
PortugalCaptain Marvel
Puerto RicoCaptain Marvel
QatarCaptain Marvel
RomaniaCaptain Marvel
RwandaCaptain Marvel
Saudi AurabiaCaptain Marvel
SenegalCaptain Marvel
SerbiaCaptain Marvel
SingaporeCaptain Marvel
SloveniaCaptain Marvel
South AfricaCaptain Marvel
SpainWonder Woman
Sri LankaCaptain Marvel
SwedenCaptain Marvel
SwitzerlandCaptain Marvel
TanzaniaCaptain Marvel
ThailandCaptain Marvel
TogoCaptain Marvel
Trinidad and TrobagoCaptain Marvel
TurkeyCaptain Marvel
U.S.ACaptain Marvel
UKCaptain Marvel
UkraineCaptain Marvel
United Arab EmiratesCaptain Marvel
UruguayHarley Quinn
VietnamCaptain Marvel
ZambiaCaptain Marvel
ZimbabweCaptain Marvel

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