Your State’s Favorite Spooky Movie For Kids

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Child-appropriate Halloween movies can be much harder to find than R and PG-13 scary movies, but they’re out there. We rounded up the top-searched scary movies for kids to stream this Halloween.

Think you might know which scary movie for families was most popular in your state this year? Make a quick guess and then check below to see if you got it right.

Interesting Findings on Halloween Movies for Kids

Part of the 1998 classic HalloweenTown was filmed in St. Helens, Oregon, and every year the town relives its stardom with a month-long festival called Spirit of Halloweentown. No wonder Oregon searches for this movie more than any other state! Fun fact: Parts of the Twilight series were also filmed in St. Helens.

The movie Coco was the top-searched movie in California. With Coco being based on the sacred Mexican holiday Día de Muertos, perhaps the many Californians of Mexican ancestry appreciated the chance to see their heritage represented on screen.

People in Wyoming love the adorable hauntings of Casper the friendly ghost—maybe because he shares the name of the second-largest city in their state.

People in New York searched for the 1984 classic Ghostbusters more than any other state did. The movie also takes place in New York City.

Your State’s Top-Searched Scary Movie for Kids

Alabama Beetlejuice

Alaska FrankenWeenie

Arizona The Nightmare before Christmas

Arkansas Scooby-Doo

California Coco

Colorado Beetlejuice

Connecticut Ghostbusters

Delaware Monster House

District of Columbia Hocus Pocus

Florida The Haunted Mansion

Georgia ET

Hawaii Hotel Transylvania

Idaho Coco

Illinois Coco

Indiana The Nightmare before Christmas

Iowa Scooby-Doo

Kansas Ghostbusters

Kentucky The Nightmare before Christmas

Louisiana The Haunted Mansion

Maine Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Maryland ET

Massachusetts ET

Michigan Ghostbusters

Minnesota Ghostbusters

Mississippi Scooby-Doo

Missouri The Nightmare before Christmas

Montana Scooby-Doo

Nebraska Coco

Nevada Frankenweenie

New Hampshire Beetlejuice

New Jersey Ghostbusters

New Mexico Coraline

New York Ghostbusters

North Carolina Scooby-Doo

North Dakota Ghostbusters

Ohio Coco

Oklahoma Coco

Oregon HalloweenTown

Pennsylvania Ghostbusters

Rhode Island The Haunted Mansion

South Carolina ET

South Dakota Monster House

Tennessee Scooby-Doo

Texas Hotel Transylvania

Utah The Nightmare before Christmas

Vermont Ghostbusters

Virginia Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Washington Coco

West Virginia Hocus Pocus

Wisconsin Ghostbusters

Wyoming Casper


We tracked Google search data from the past year on children’s Halloween movies rated PG or below and selected the top 18. We then ran the search volume of these 18 movies in every state and reported only the movie with the highest volume.

One difference from last year: our first report ranked kid-friendly spooky movies that were available only on streaming services. Our second report considers any Halloween movie for kids that’s available to buy, rent, stream, or watch on live TV.

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