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    Smiling businessman talking on a cellphone

    Why VoIP? Why Now?

    Imagine if your phone system could easily scale, enable your teams to operate from anywhere, and free you to focus on your customers. Cloud-based VoIP can do all of this and more. Why is now the perfect time to upgrade? Learn how Frontier AnyWare™ VoIP can help you grow in this webinar hosted by Lisa […]

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    Employees working in an open office space

    How to Seamlessly Execute Your Digital Transformation Initiatives

    Big IT transformation initiatives like cloud migration and Distributed and Hybrid WAN can be chaotic to manage. But they don’t have to be. With the right prioritization plan and partners at hand, you can make your planned transformations into a reality—seamlessly. Hosted by Lisa Partridge of Frontier Communications, and featuring  Courtney Munroe of IDC Research, […]

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    Citywide business internet connections concept

    Why Ethernet Is the Go-To Tool for Sharing Big Data

    It may have been a while since you heard the term Ethernet, but it’s changed a lot since then. It’s evolved from just another way to connect to the internet into a tool for modern business agility and growth. And it helps businesses share Big Data more securely.   Let’s take a look at the […]


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    Color-coded US map of popular business books

    Your State’s Favorite Business Book

      With the end of the year approaching, you still have three months to read some of the best business books on the market. The New York Times recently released its latest best-seller list, organizing books by categories such as nonfiction, how-to, and business.   We’ve dug through the business category, looking at the most […]

    Building Leaders

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    Illustrated graphic of thumbs up, three stars, refinery, smartphone, and checkmark

    Keeping Pace in the Digital Landscape: From SEO to Social and Everything in Between

    It wasn’t too long ago when digital strategies weren’t much more than an afterthought for businesses. But with the rise of technology, that way of thinking (or lack thereof) has become a thing of the past. Today we chat with Richard Mulling, Director of Training at Vivial, to cover the ins and outs of digital […]

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    Someone holding a clear lock and typing on a laptop

    It’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month—Recap the Top 10 Best Practices

    You go to the doctor to stay healthy and you get your car serviced so it runs well. But what do you do to ensure your cybersecurity is up to snuff?   This month is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, so you may want to learn how to use the top ten best practices to keep your […]

    Business Tips

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    What Is Mbps and Why Does It Matter to Your Business?

    “Marvelously baked pastries station”? “Monkeys boisterously playing softball”? Unfortunately, Mbps doesn’t stand for any of that, but having the right number is key to the success of your business. Mbps stands for megabits per second and measures  the speed and bandwidth of your internet service. Almost everything these days relies on a consistent internet connection, […]

    Business TipsTechnology

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    Hands holding letters spelling contest

    You Could Be One of Our #OfficeFOMO Winners, Enter Now!

    Enter the Frontier #OfficeFOMO Sweepstakes How far do YOU go to stay ahead at work? Tell us for a chance to win! Fear of Missing Out can be your career’s best friend—but at what cost? Whether it’s taking your laptop on a first date, conferencing with corporate during your kid’s recital, or juggling 10 projects […]


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    Man looking at a tablet and a credit card

    Starting an Online Business? Remember These 5 Things

    Online businesses are an attractive prospect. You can start one right from your home, sometimes with very little cash on hand, and since there likely isn’t a physical storefront, you can often work the hours you prefer. Plus, online businesses can be quite lucrative, especially considering people now do most of their shopping online. A […]

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    Business associates brainstorming with a whiteboard

    Frontier’s Top 10 Blogs From 2017

      In the last year, it’s been incredible to see the strides that businesses have made. There’s so much changing for the better for entrepreneurs, and Frontier Business has endeavored to create helpful, actionable advice in the form of our weekly blogs. As we looked back over this year, we found these posts to be […]

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