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Use Wi-Fi to avoid data caps

Facebook. Snapchat. YouTube. Spotify. What do they have in common? They all eat up your Internet data, especially your cellular data. Sending Snaps to friends while out on the town, watching a YouTube video on your bus ride to work, and listening to your favorite Spotify playlist while exercising quickly uses up your cellular data, costing you overage charges.

A simple solution is to switch your phone to wifi mode when you get home, to the office, or a friend's house. Using Wi-Fi means your Internet data goes through an Internet Service Provider (ISP) like Frontier® instead of through your cellular carrier.

Some ISPs, like Frontier, have no Internet data caps so you can stream content on various devices without incurring overage charges.

No data caps: Other terms and conditions apply, including Frontier’s Acceptable Use Policy and Network Management Policy and are subject to change without notice. Service availability varies by location.

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Enjoy unlimited wireless internet for your home

With wireless Internet, you can connect multiple devices to the Internet at once without running ethernet cables all over the house. ISPs like Frontier provide a modem and router, which let you enjoy the benefits of wireless Internet. Frontier has no Internet data caps, so you also get unlimited wireless Internet, allowing you to stream and game online to your heart's content without paying overage fees.

Frontier offers a variety of unlimited Internet plans for your home, including Internet and fiber-optic connections. So if you live in a house with roommates or family, or if you stream most of your content, Frontier has an unlimited Internet plan for your lifestyle and budget.

Rural internet providers connect communities with unlimited data

The Internet continues to weave its way into everything, and rural communities are no exception. Rural Internet providers like Frontier offer unlimited data so farmers can check feed and livestock prices, small businesses can manage inventory and grow their online presence, and students can conduct research, submit assignments, and connect with other students around the globe.

Frontier is proud to bring its unlimited Internet plans to rural communities, helping them connect to each other and beyond. From small businesses to local libraries and schools, unlimited Internet plans from Frontier help members of rural communities learn new skills, grow their businesses, and prepare for what lies ahead.