Your First Bill

What to expect on your first Frontier® bill.

Your first bill seems high for two reasons:

  1. It contains all the charges related to installation and setup.
  2. Frontier charges a month in advance, so your first bill also contains Partial Month Charges (also called prorated charges) and a full month’s service to catch you up for the next billing cycle.

You will find the breakdown of prorated charges under Partial Month Charges and Credits, which is listed under the Other Service Charges and Credits section of your bill. It may look like this:

  • Frontier FiberOptic Digital Voice 02/11-03/01 $19.00
  • FiberOptic 100/100 02/21-03/01 $54.33
  • Gateway Router Rental 02/11-03/01 $6.33
  • Quantum Enhanced DVR 02/11-03/01 $13.93
  • STB - 4 Room Package 02/11-03/01 $22.16
  • Frontier TV Preferred HD 02/11-03/01 $31.60
  • Frontier TV Extreme HD 02/22-03/01 $22.40

The first date is the date service started, and the last date is the end of the billing cycle.

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