Taxes & Other Charges

A breakdown and explanation of federal, state, and local taxes.

The Details of Taxes and Other Charges page of your bill explains items with the *, which is things like federal, state, and any applicable local taxes, as well as any service-specific taxes.

It’s important to note that not every state taxes telecommunication services the same, and some states also have local taxes that apply. There are also federally mandated taxes that all providers must collect, and taxes Frontier collects. Also note that taxes may be charged based on the full price of a given service, not a discounted promotional rate.

The Details of Taxes and Other Charges page of your bill will vary depending on where you live, and the services you have, like Internet, TV, and Phone, or some combination.

For example, a customer who lives in Indiana and has signed up only for phone service from Frontier may see the following list of taxes under Details of Taxes and Other Charges:

Detail of Federal Taxes and Charges*


  • Federal Excise Tax $0.28
  • Access Recovery Charge $2.08
  • Federal Subscriber Line Charge - Res $6.50
  • Federal USF Recovery Charge $1.49

Frontier Com of America

  • FTR LD USF Surcharge $1.92

Total Federal Taxes and Other Charges $12.27

Detail of State Taxes and Other Charges*


  • Dual-Party Relay Surcharge $0.03
  • IN State Telecom Sales Tax $1.48
  • IN State Utility Receipt Surcharge $0.55
  • IN State USF Surcharge $0.20
  • IN State 911 Surcharge $1.00

Total State Taxes and Other Charges $3.26

Total Taxes and Other Charges $15.53

A customer who has signed up for a Triple Play bundle, which includes TV, may see taxes and other charges that relate to video, in addition to all applicable federal, state, and local taxes. So the start of Details of Taxes and Other Charges may start with this:

Detail of Video*


  • Broadcast TV Surcharge $5.98
  • Regional Sports Fee $11.78
  • FCC Regulatory Recovery Fee $0.16

Total Video $17.92

And then there’d be the breakdown of Federal Taxes and Other Charges*, and Details of Taxes and Other Charges*. Remember, taxes, surcharges, and other charges will vary by the services you have, and where you live.

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