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Frontier FiberOptic Internet Provider Available in Port Richey, Florida

  • 1-Year price guarantee on monthly service fee
  • Max speeds as fast as 50 Mbps download/upload
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Get fast, network-ready Internet, Frontier TV, and Phone service with FiberOptic® from Frontier. Get just Internet, or sign up for a Double or Triple Play to get the benefits of FiberOptic for TV and phone. Simply click below to view what you want.

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Get a broadband connection with network-ready speeds

FiberOptic 500/500 Mbps Internet + Unlimited Digital Voice + Dish America's Top 200

98w/ Auto Pay

Terms & Conditions

  • FREE activation, Wi-Fi router included, plus no data caps or overage charges
  • Power multiple users/devices for streaming, gaming and sharing large files
  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • 240+ Channels

FiberOptic 500/500 Mbps Internet + Unlimited Digital Voice + Dish America's Top 200

98w/ Auto Pay

Terms & Conditions

  • FREE activation, Wi-Fi router included, plus no data caps or overage charges
  • Power multiple users/devices for streaming, gaming and sharing large files
  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • 240+ Channels

Save on Port Richey Utilities

Get a FiberOptic bundle from Frontier

Are you looking for ways to simplify your life and expand your budget? Get a FiberOptic Internet bundle from Frontier Communications! With Frontier, you can get a lower price on individual services like phone, FiberOptic Internet, and TV, simply by purchasing them together. Not only can you save money, but you’ll also enjoy a simplified billing process along with your fast Internet, plentiful TV channels, and phone features. In addition to getting a great deal, you’ll also get unprecedented service. Did you know that Frontier is the only Internet provider that has an exclusively fiber-optic network in your area? That’s means that Frontier is the only provider that can deliver the numerous homes in Port Richey up to 150 Mbps of fast data. To learn more about the availability of Frontier FiberOptic and get the best deals out there, call right away! Still not convinced? Check out some of these amazing perks included with your FiberOptic bundle:


Internet speeds ranging from 30Mbps to 150Mbps


Frontier TV with crystal-clear HD, hundreds of channels, and thousands of free On Demand titles


Unlimited long distance and local phone options, ideal for everyday or emergency calls

Get a Frontier Internet Plan in Port Richey

Bring your broadband connection up to high speeds

Frontier Internet
99w/ Auto Pay

Terms & Conditions

  • No hidden monthly fees with Wi-Fi router included
  • No data caps or overage charges
  • Stream your favorite movies and TV shows, or play games online

Get FiberOptic Internet in Port Richey

It's fast, affordable, and network-ready

Do you have equivalent Internet upload and download speeds? With all the media sharing, video chatting, gaming, and file storing we do today, Internet providers in Port Richey no longer only offer quick download speeds while neglecting upload speed. Frontier Communications is one of Port Richey’s most capable and swift Internet providers with speed tiers from 30Mbps to 150Mbps. Frontier FiberOptic packages are your ticket to an almost effortless online experience with their equal upload and download speeds. These packages especially benefit the 0 residents who work from home, giving them the ability to accomplish more with less stress. For even less expensive rates on each service in Port Richey, FiberOptic Internet bundles are just for you. Pick up the phone today for additional information. With Frontier FiberOptic service, not only will you get high quality service, you’ll also get these extra perks:


Network of 100% fiber optics, with a line straight to your home


Video chat, stream movies, play games—all at once


Standalone Internet options, no phone line required


24/7 Tech Support


4 out of 5 stars | Based on 13 Reviews

CHRISTINA M. Reviewed Frontier Bundles

I've had the service for almost a full year now. It took nearly two months to get a bill due to the order not coming through the system property. I had made repeated calls to customer service asking about the bill and wanting to pay something. Unfortunately all my calls were in vain when I received my first actual bill. The website was difficult to log into the first several times but I have now mastered it. I have no additional complaints. Just concerned about having new service set up with the phone, internet and cable.

PATIENCE T. Reviewed Frontier Bundles

If someone would come turnon my service and stop givving me the run around i might could leave a good review. Seeing how I was told my service will be on on 19 January and now it’s not going to get turned on till February 1 and I work from home and I depend on it and every time I call I get the runaround put on hold and disconnected. So im extremely unhappy and looking at other options.

DIANE M. Reviewed Frontier Bundles

We recently returned to Frontier from another provider and couldn't be happier. Frontier representatives are much easier to communicate with and more pleasant. On installation day, our tech was on time and out in record time. Any questions we asked were answered honestly and to the best of his knowledge. We are now getting more for our money and should never have left Frontier!

Frontier strives to make Port Richey a better place.

Frontier Communications works tirelessly to be locally engaged in the communities it serves, such as Port Richey, FL. This dedication ranges from investing millions in 2012 in order to expand Internet availability across the state, to employing thousands of Floridians.

FiberOptic Internet in Port Richey is also playing an important role in education. With 688 students per librarian and a pupil-to-teacher ratio of 16.20:1 in Port Richey public schools, children need more resources than are available to them through individual educators.

Frontier Internet in Port Richey helps connect schools and homes across The Sunshine State so that children have more resources for learning wherever they are. Through safe, wireless devices and access to Frontier FiberOptic Internet speeds, children in Port Richey have more educational opportunities than ever before.