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What kind of streamer are you?

Tell us, and we’ll tell you the best Internet speed for streaming your stuff.

TV & Movie Aficionado

You might be a movie & TV aficionado if you live on the couch after 7pm; if you can name at least 15 shows that aired last season; if you’ve ever named a pet after a fictional character; if you’d rather jump in a freezing lake than watch a pixelated movie; if the buffer icon haunts your dreams.

Recommended Internet Speed

You need a minimum download speed of 3 Megabits per second to watch a single video stream in clear, standard definition. The best Internet speed for HD streaming is 5Mbps, and if you go all the way up to ultra HD (4K streaming) your bandwidth should start at 25Mbps. You can get by on a congested network if you lower your app's image quality settings, but for a consistently clear streaming experience, aim higher.

Do I need a high upload speed for streaming?

Nope! Streaming is a type of downloading—it just means that instead of downloading a movie once to your desktop, you’re receiving that movie’s data piece by piece from the cloud. But upload speeds are crucial for other online activities like video chat.

The Silent Socializer

You might be a silent socializer if you love to browse clickbait on Facebook or Twitter; check Instagram every time you touch your phone; can’t stop watching Vine or checking celebrity Snaps; can’t leave YouTube videos alone to save your life—but for personality or privacy reasons, also can’t bring yourself to overshare.

Not the silent type?

If you’re more like a social media foghorn, upload speed is equally important for you. Look for Internet packages with generous upload speeds.

Recommended Internet Speed

With almost all social media apps now incorporating both video and audio—and playing automatically—those apps need constant juice to be able to refresh correctly and load every post as quickly as you want. With at least 3Mbps, one social media user can stream video-after-video in clear, standard definition or HD. With a minimum of 4 or 5Mbps, the videos will look even better and load even faster.

Musical Soul

You might be a musical soul if Tidal, Pandora, or Spotify is as much a daily staple as coffee; if you spent over $150 on your headphones; if when streaming was born, it was like you were born again. If you hate when your music cuts out right at the climax of the song, you’re probably a regular person. But either way, you need enough bandwidth to listen to music without having to cross the room, press pause, wait for the file to load … and end up restarting the song anyway.

Recommended Internet Speed

Music quality and format varies across different streaming services and settings, but generally, the higher the quality, the more speed you need. The most common default encoding rate these days is 256Kbps. To hear this basic format clearly, you’ll need at least 1.5Mbps. If your streaming service offers tracks encoded at 380Kbps, you’ll want around 3 Mbps; and if you have the great privilege of accessing files with little to no compression, you’ll want as many as 5Mbps to hear each song in all its glory.

Streaming video isn’t just for music or movie trailers.

Chances are you browse YouTube looking for a DIY solution to some common household problem, like a clogged drain, or a way to better insulate your windows to save money in the winter. Then there’s those awe-inspiring TED Talks, and those lessons on time management, coding, Excel or even photography. Streaming video isn’t just for music videos anymore. Life-learning, or quick DIY projects for the weekend, there’s a video for that. You’ll want to bump up your speed as you need at least 3 Mbps for standard definition, and 5 for HD.

1.5 Mbps Per Streamer

Professor Newsie

You might be Professor Newsie if podcast episodes take up more space on your phone than pictures; if you’d rather work out to interviews than music; if you have a voracious appetite for knowledge and learning is your jam.

When You Want High-Def

Podcasts like Snap Judgment wouldn’t be themselves without incredible music and sound effects. If sound quality matters to you even when music isn’t in the spotlight, add another Megabit or two to your Internet bundle. Easy.

Recommended Internet Speed

The predominant sound in talk radio, podcasts, and audio books is one human voice speaking at a time, so you won’t need nearly as much bandwidth as your fellow streamers. Lucky you! Since you’re curious about who will run in the next gubernatorial race—not what it feels like to have a pundit spitting consonants in your ear—you can do without the high-def audio and get by with a working speed of 1.5Mbps.

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Consider All The Factors Before You Pick Your Download Speed

The download speeds above show what you need to stream one video or audio file at a time. Does your kid regularly watch Dora the Explorer in the living room while you stream Friends in the kitchen? Double your minimum speed to accommodate both streamers. Got a gamer upstairs? Brace yourself for even more bandwidth (check out our recommended speeds for gamers). Here’s a quick list of factors to consider before choosing your total download speed:

Overall Usage

How many things are happening on your home Internet network at the same time?


How much do you value audio and visual clarity?


What devices are being used in your house? How many are there?

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