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Internet for College Students

Get inexpensive and fast Internet service

Essays. Homework assignments. Quizzes. Whatever used to take place in the classroom with pen and paper can now be done online, and that means network-ready Internet for college students is a necessity. If you need Internet for college students, get Frontier.

What Frontier Internet Plans Have to Offer

The Internet is your literal campus, so the student discount Internet plan you choose is important. Whether you enrolled in e-learning to finish college, get your GED, or progress in your career, make sure your Internet plan can meet your needs. With student discount Internet plans you get:

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Network-ready connection

so you can worry about getting the answers right, not about your Internet signal

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High download speeds

to stream educational videos, background music for studying, or lectures at high quality

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High Upload speeds

to submit work to your school’s portal, take online tests, or participate in interactive lectures or forums

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Enough Bandwidth

that you can live in peace with anyone who’s gaming or streaming TV at home while you study

Recommended Student Internet Plan

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Internet for Lifelong Learners

When Internet learning is your hobby

Internet learning isn’t just about formal higher education—it’s also about being moved by powerful TED Talks, learning a YouTube Internet hack for cleaning your tile grout, or building a personal curriculum out of online learning platforms like Khan Academy,, and Coursera. With the right Internet plan, you’ll have the bandwidth it takes to stream all those lessons and video tutorials.

Key Lifelong Student Internet Needs

Download Speed

Download speed so you can stream long or complex tutorials in full HD clarity


Enough bandwidth so the gamers and streamers in your life can count on network-ready speeds

Recommended Internet Plan for Lifelong Learners:

Need WiFi Internet to Study on the Go?

You might be able to get public WiFi-for free.
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Internet for Homeschooling

Internet at home leads to better grades1

Technology in education makes a real difference, especially when it’s accessible at home: researchers from Stanford found that students who can access the Internet via home computer get better grades and have fewer behavioral problems than students without a computer. As a homeschooling parent, you have the perfect opportunity to give your child fast and network-ready Internet access at home.

1Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE). Promising Practices: A literature review of technology use by underserved students.

Best Uses of Internet for Homeschooling

Digital Books

Use online textbooks, music, video, podcasts, and other study materials to save money and space

Recommended speed:

3-5Mbps per student

chat bubbles
Chat-Enabled Apps

Connect your homeschooler to online instructors and other students in real time

Recommended speed:

6-8Mbps per student

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Learning Games

Gamify your kids' learning to motivate them and help them enjoy the learning process

Recommended speed:

3-5Mbps per student

Cloud Storage

Keep your gradebook backed up and start an archive of your child's work

Recommended speed:

3-5Mbps per student;

1-2Mbps per teacher

Remember: Pick an Internet package with enough bandwidth to let you and your child work online at the same time. To pick the right bandwidth, just add together the total speed needed for each student and the speed you need as a teacher.

Recommended Internet Plan for Students:

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