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Angels and Dodgers. Clippers and Lakers. Chargers and Rams. LA Galaxy and Los Angeles FC. Bruins and Trojans. Whatever your sport, Los Angeles, California has a team to follow. So many sports teams coupled with the movie-making magic of Hollywood keep Los Angeles Internet service providers on their toes. With FiberOptic Internet by Frontier®, Los Angeles residents get blazing-fast Internet speeds. So whether you’re watching your favorite team or streaming the latest Hollywood blockbuster in HD, Frontier FiberOptic has the bandwidth to do it all.

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Use Frontier Internet to Stay Connected in Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, California is home to plentiful sunshine, Hollywood, eight major league sports teams in four different sports, and Pac-12 powerhouses like the University of Southern California (USC) and the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). Dig a little deeper, though, and you find a number of hot tech companies, too. Snap®, aka Snapchat, SpaceX, Hulu®, and Riot Games all call the Los Angeles area home.

With so much local talent, it’s no wonder the City of Los Angeles website received a Government Experience Award from the Center for Digital Government in 2017. The website showcases city tweets, public notices, and offers a variety of online services like paying bills and finding your neighborhood representative. Since Los Angeles is a charter city, and its 1999 charter created a series of neighborhood advisory councils, finding your neighborhood rep can be important. The City of Los Angeles website also integrates with Amazon® Alexa®, letting you easily find out what’s happening on the weekend.

Like Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington, Los Angeles, CA has also embraced the open data movement. Its open data portal provides a wealth of information on the economy, public safety, transportation, and even parks and libraries. The mayor’s dashboard showcases a color-coded grid that tracks the progress of city initiatives, like job creation, new business registration, and graffiti removal.

To get the most out of the City of Los Angeles website, and its Alexa integration, you need a fast, network-ready Internet connection. Internet providers in Los Angeles, like Frontier, know that offering FiberOptic Internet is the best way to keep Los Angeles connected.


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nice internet

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Looking forward to experience your services and tell my friends and family . I am tired of Spectrums games and fawels advertising . Thank you Frontier . Albert

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The technician that came to install the equipment was extremely friendly, fast, and polite. Overall great interaction.