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Get a broadband connection with network-ready speeds

Frontier Internet + Unlimited Digital Voice

99w/ Auto Pay

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Frontier Internet + Unlimited Digital Voice + DISH America's Top 120+

98w/ Auto Pay

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Frontier Internet + Unlimited Digital Voice + DISH America's Top 250

98w/ Auto Pay

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Get more value with Frontier

How to get Internet bundles in Thousand Oaks for less

Save big with a Frontier Internet bundle in Thousand Oaks, California. Frontier’s network-ready direct connections deliver the best value for your money. You’ll get home phone services, Internet access, and TV when you bundle with the network that Thousand Oaks residents trust for network readiness. Frontier offers unmatched service by providing direct-to-home connections to all numerous residences in Thousand Oaks. Cable, on the other hand, can’t always guarantee network-ready phone signals, Internet speeds, and television all day long, but you still have to pay the same price, even when your coverage fluctuates. A Internet bundle from Frontier is yet another great way to cut back on expenses. When you bundle, every service you include is discounted, helping you save even more money in the long run. For more information about the speed and availability of Frontier’s Internet in your Thousand Oaks neighborhood, call today. As an added bonus, you’ll also get the following perks when you bundle services with Frontier:


Whole-Home Connection


DISH TV in full HD, with hundreds of popular channels and a Hopper® Whole-Home DVR


24/7 Tech Support

Get a Frontier Internet Plan in Thousand Oaks

Bring your broadband connection up to high speeds

Frontier Internet
99w/ Auto Pay

Terms & Conditions

Get Internet in Thousand Oaks

Choose Frontier over cable.

If you are looking for an Internet provider in Thousand Oaks that is more network-ready and affordable than cable, check out Frontier Internet. When you get Internet from Frontier Communications, you get a Wireless Router, free of charge, for as long as you use the service, meaning you won’t have to pay an upfront or monthly fee for equipment. Plus, your Thousand Oaks home will actually get the level of service you signed up for. Frontier Internet isn’t like cable companies, which connect to a shared cable box before branching out to each customer’s home. Instead, it uses an advanced network design that directly links the network to your home. With your own dedicated connection, your Internet speed won’t slow down because the people next door are logged on. A number of Frontier Internet plans are available, such as Frontier Internet Max, which is the most popular package. Call today to find out more about the available packages. Get all of this with Frontier Internet in Thousand Oaks.


Whole-Home Connection


Internet access


Standalone Internet options, no phone line required


24/7 Tech Support


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MARILYN L. Reviewed Frontier Bundles

I have had nothing but problems signing on to Frontier. I would not recommend Frontier to anyone. Each representative I’ve spoken to in the last 5 weeks, and I have spoken to many, were very pleasant and each time I thought my issues would be handled efficiently and effectively, but we’re not. I’ve wasted hours on hold waiting to talk to a representative, then hours while they tried to fix a mistake. All because the person who initially took my order didn’t ask the proper questions, ie do you want your phone number ported to your new account, or tell me that certain promotions would not be available to me. I am frustrated and disgusted. I only hope there is nothing more in the next year. These services cost too much to put the consumer in such a state of frustration.

MARIA M. Reviewed Frontier Bundles

Thank you Jose for your help in providing good customer service Maria

BARRY S. Reviewed Frontier Bundles

This is a brain-damaged organization. They lie. They are disorganized and incompetent. The lying is the worst. Add in long hold times and they are the perfect storm of a hellish situation.