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Get a broadband connection with network-ready speeds

Frontier Internet + Unlimited Digital Voice

99w/ Auto Pay

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Frontier Internet + Unlimited Digital Voice + DISH America's Top 120+

98w/ Auto Pay

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Frontier Internet + Unlimited Digital Voice + DISH America's Top 250

98w/ Auto Pay

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How to get Internet bundles in Sierra Madre for less

Get the speed and network readiness you crave from your home Internet services with the network Sierra Madre residents trust most for dependability. Saving money is easy when you bundle your Internet, TV, and home phone service. With this service, lower bills don’t mean lower quality. With a Frontier Internet bundle in Sierra Madre you’ll receive fast, network-ready Internet without spending a fortune. Did you know that the Internet connection through a typical cable provider can lag because you’re splitting the signal with others in your neighborhood? With Frontier this isn’t a problem because your home is independently connected, ensuring that you get consistent speeds for Internet, phone, and TV that never deteriorate because of others in Sierra Madre, California. This means that the high speeds you’re paying for are the high speeds you’re actually getting. As one of the numerous homes in Sierra Madre, you can enjoy a Internet bundle from Frontier that includes:


Whole-Home Connection


DISH TV in full HD, with hundreds of popular channels and a Hopper® Whole-Home DVR


24/7 Tech Support

Get a Frontier Internet Plan in Sierra Madre

Bring your broadband connection up to high speeds

Frontier Internet
99w/ Auto Pay

Terms & Conditions

Get Internet in Sierra Madre

Choose Frontier over cable.

Did you know that Frontier Communications is the most dependable Internet provider in Sierra Madre? With Frontier Internet, Sierra Madre customers never have to worry about their Internet connection speed because the service is wired directly into their home, meaning that connection will stay fast regardless of increased web traffic in the area. What’s more, Frontier Internet doesn’t include any upfront costs or equipment rental fees, so it’s also more cost effective than cable. In fact, you’ll be provided with a Wireless Router with your service at no additional cost. There are plenty of Frontier Internet plans to choose from, including Frontier Internet Max, which is the most popular package today. Here are a few of the exciting features that come with Frontier Internet in Sierra Madre:


Whole-Home Connection


Internet access


Standalone Internet options, no phone line required


24/7 Tech Support


4 out of 5 stars | Based on 5 Reviews

PAUL H. Reviewed Frontier Bundles

All Frontier employees have been honest and easy to work with. They were clear about what to expect and didn't oversell what I should expect. I'm experiencing slightly slower internet, which they told me to expect. But I am saving tons of money.

SUSANNA L. Reviewed Frontier Bundles

It was a long wait but the service was great when Andy arrived. I called to see what the hold up was and the woman on the phone was very helpful.

BRITTANEY H. Reviewed Frontier Bundles

My original person I set up service with did not fully submit my order so when I called they were unable to locate my order and I had been waiting for a service call all day to help with self installation. I was also told that the service I chose would stream Netflix which I later learned from a very nice and honest representative that it would not have those capabilities. So the price I thought I would be paying was not applicable. She tried very hard to find a special going on so my service could be within my price range and also be what I was originally promised as having capabilities to stream Netflix. After an hour of this representative trying her best she was ultimately unable to fulfill my needs and I had to cancel set up altogether. I was super bummed to not have the chance to have worked with your company as I've heard good things before about service.